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A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. Unveils Cust2Mate 3.0 Smart Cart.

Congratulations to our client, a global leader in innovative technology solutions for their latest iteration of their smart cart, Cust2Mate 3.0.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, January 11, 2024 – A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. ("A2Z" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: AZ) (TSXV: AZ) ($AZ), a global leader in innovative technology solutions, proudly introduces Cust2Mate 3.0, the latest iteration of its smart cart.

Designed to meet the evolving demands of consumers navigating an extensive array of choices and the challenges faced by retailers in an era of thin profit margins and increased shrinkage, Cust2Mate 3.0 brings a host of new features to the forefront.

At the heart of the innovation is the all-in-one detachable panel, featuring a 13.3” interactive touchscreen. This panel easily clips on to any shopping cart, transforming traditional shopping carts into multi technology smart carts. Cust2Mate’s 3.0 smart cart, designed for ease of mass production and reduced installation and maintenance costs, also results in a considerable reduction in weight, significantly enhancing maneuverability and space efficiency.

The Cust2Mate 3.0 smart cart also addresses the growing shrinkage epidemic, which has been estimated to exceed $100 billion in the United States1 . The Smart Cart’s theft mitigation features include computer vision, RFID, and AI anomaly behavior detection, which complement the existing item sensor capabilities such as barcode scanner and weight sensors.

Leveraging behavioral data and on-cart screens, the Cust2Mate 3.0 smart cart software can deliver personalized, context-driven, real-time product recommendations, promotions, and advertisements throughout the shopper’s in-store journey. Through automation and big datadriven actionable insights, Cust2Mate 3.0 optimizes store operations, marking a significant step towards the future of retail.

As part of this launch, A2Z Smart Technologies is also thrilled to announce the unveiling of a new website which will serve as a comprehensive platform for customers to explore the features and capabilities of Cust2Mate 3.0, stay updated on the latest news and developments, and engage with the innovative solutions offered by the company.

Cust2Mate will be presenting the 3.0 smart cart in the coming NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show, at Booth 6712. The show is held in the Javits Center, New York, USA on January 14-16. To book a meeting, please visit:

For more information about Cust2Mate’s 3.0 Smart Shopping Cart, please visit:

About A2Z Cust2Mate

A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. creates innovative solutions for complex challenges. A2Z's flagship product, Cust2Mate, is an advanced proven-in-use mobile self-checkout shopping cart. With its user-friendly smart algorithm, touch screen, and computer-vision system, Cust2Mate streamlines the retail shopping experience by scanning purchased products and enabling in-cart payment so that customers can simply "pick & go", and bypass long cashier checkout lines. This results in a more efficient shopping experience for customers, less unused shelf space and manpower requirements, and advanced command and control capabilities for store managers.

For more information on A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:AZ)(TSXV:AZ)($AZ), please visit

For more information on Cust2Mate and its innovative solutions, please visit:

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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Company Contact Information:

Gadi Graus, President +972-73-3700544

Investor Contacts:

Brett Maas, Managing Principal, Hayden IR, LLC (646) 536-7331

SOURCE: A2Z Smart Technologies Cor


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