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We Specialize in mediation in the following categories:

  • Agencies

  • Clause Interpretation

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Finance

  • Investment Disputes

  • Licensing 

  • Partnerships 

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Agreements of Purchase and Sale

  • Clean Tech 

  • Energy Projects

  • Infrastructure 

  • IT, IP, Internet and Technology

  • Mining

  • Project Finance 

  • Software Licensing 

  • Brokerage 

  • Commercial and Industrial

  • Environmental Issues

  • International Goods

  • Joint Ventures 

  • Oil & Gas

  • Renewable Energy

  • Transportation

Global commercial and business mediation 

With international mediation experience in over 20 countries, we provide dispute resolution wherever needed. Throughout the process, we assist all parties in crafting mutually acceptable settlements and facilitate discussion that enables controlled negotiations with timely results.


Litigation and arbitration can be costly in both time and resources. Many lawsuits are currently pending on any given day in various court houses, and your dispute will take the appropriate effort to bring to trial. Through mediation you have options offering a relatively inexpensive solution.


Our mediation structure ensures that all parties can have a voice in the settlement process. As the parties air grievances we have the opportunity to dispute claims and seek a mutually beneficial understanding. If enacted at early stages, this flexible process can potentially resolve the dispute. Whether parties want to spend time together or utilize legal representatives, mediation allows for a clear settlement without a full legal hearing.

Let’s Explore Mediation Together

Daniel N. Bloch, Barrister & Solicitor

Member of the Law Society of Ontario
+1 416 722 0804
+972 54 970 3299

Phuong Tran, Office Administrator
+1 647 988 5578

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